Coco Peat

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Coco peat is used as a soil additive or as a growing medium for various crops. It can be mixed with a wide variety of components to create suitable growing mediums and it can be used on its own. It is often blended with coconut shell chips and coconut fibre to increase porosity and stimulate root growth. Coco peat is widely used as a growing medium in the horticultural industry where it is typically applied in grow bags. It is also used as a component of organic fertilisers, composts and potting soils.

Poorly sourced coco peat can have excess salts in it and needs washing (check electrical conductivity of run-off water, flush if high). It has a similar cation exchange capacity to sphagnum peat, holds water well, re-wets well from dry and holds around 1000 times more air than soil. Adding slow release fertilizers or organic fertilizers are highly advised when growing with coco peat.

Common uses include:

Coco peat is used as a soil additive and as a growing medium and in Southern Africa our clients are typically composters and organic fertiliser manufacturers, horticulturalists and gardeners.



Compost and organic fertilisers – coco peat is used extensively in the manufacture of organic fertilisers, composts, potting soils and a range of bagged or bulk gardening and horticultural applications.

Floriculture – coco peat is used extensively as a growing medium for seedlings as well as grown flowers. Grow bags can last up to 7 years as a growing medium for roses.

Vegetables, Berries and Fruits – Intensive farmers use coco peat as a growing medium in their undercover and open air operations, typically in grow bags or troughs. A wide range of crops are grown including berries, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and herbs.

Forestry – Globally there is an increased usage of coco peat in the forestry industry, primarily as a growing medium for seedlings.  Coco peat lends itself to this usage because of its consistency and long life.

Home Gardens, Wall Gardens and Roof Gardens  – The increased interest in gardening and edible gardens has seen home owners apply coco peat in their gardens as a soil additive and growing medium for seedlings. Wall Gardens and Roof Gardens benefit from it’s light weight as well as its water retention capabilities.

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