Raft DIY Hydroponics System

Raft Hydroponic System

SA Horticultural Supplies has developed a small Raft Hydroponic system to assist not commercial growers to start out in the field of Hydroponics. The system is designed to be inexpensive, low maintenance and efficient making it an ideal DIY Hydroponics system. With this system you can grow a range of vegetables and herbs that you use on a daily basis

The system consists of the following:

  • A 40cm x 50cm basin
  • A air pump as used in an aquarium including pipes and air stones
  • Fertiliser
  • Polystyrene raft with holes cut for net pots
  • Net pots
  • Expanded clay pellets

To set up the system, you will require just a pair of sissors and seedlings you wish to grow.

Raft DIY Hydroponics System

Essentially, the basin is filled with nutrient rich water on which plants are suspended and their roots grow into the rich water. The nutrient solution is dissolved or mixed into the water and needs to be replenished every two weeks. The raft sits on top of the water. The net pots are dropped into the holes of the polystyrene which floats on the water. The roots at the bottom of the pot will reach the water and eventually grow out of the holes of the net pot. The basin needs to be placed in bright light or even a bit of direct sunlight. This can be either indoors or outdoors. Placing the system indoors will allow you to grow herbs and vegetables out of season but please ensure sufficient light. Plants can be harvested as you require ensuring you always have a fresh supply. Only your imagination will restrict what you grow – your experience will show which grow best. Start with simple leafy vegetables like lettuce, baby spinach and herbs like rocket. Full instructions are included.